5 Portland Instagram Design Accounts for Endless Inspiration

Instagram has become a hub for talented and creative individuals who offer their unique and fresh concepts when it comes to revamping living spaces. The app opens a world where design flourishes in unexpected corners. While nationally-acclaimed interior designers certainly contributed their artistic touch, the realm of inspiration extends far beyond.

This platform bursts with creativity from renowned designers and design studios in Portland, presenting a variety of styles incorporating timeless decors and the latest trends. I’ve curated 5 Instagram design accounts to ignite your passion and awaken your artistic senses. So, without further ado, let’s dive into who made the list!

#1 Casey Keasler | @casework.it

Founder of Casework Interior Design, Casey Keasler’s design and style can be described as approachable and personalized, with a focus on creating spaces that complement life. Her IG page is a testament to her mastery of modern minimalism, where she exemplifies the art of blending functionality with refined aesthetics.

One of her standout posts features a cozy, attainable, and on-trend midcentury-inspired bedroom. Casey made her own semi-custom headboard using plywood, white oak trim, and grasscloth. The panels balance with the limewash wall paint and create a textural wabi-sabi vibe.

From the dated Tuscan vibe to sophisticated yet welcoming, this kitchen was designed to reflect values and tastes. It’s classic, clean, and upscale and features a neutral palette that doesn’t fade in the background. Functionality is important in the kitchen, evident from lots of storage spaces and outlets that blend in the backsplash.

The simplicity of her designs invites us to explore the beauty of uncluttered spaces. Casey Keasler reminds us that every design choice, no matter how minimal, can contribute to the overall narrative of our living spaces. Her emphasis on texture, harmonious contrast, and functionality inspires us to curate our environment with purpose and intention.

#2 Stephanie Dyer | @dyerstudioinc

Stephanie Dyer’s designs are characterized by their functional elegance. Her posts present polished interiors that seamlessly blend refined aesthetics and comfort.

The rich concept of this bathroom drew inspiration across eras and cultures, emphasizing island living. I love the harmonious blend of elements, patterns, and textures of the wallpaper, verde fantastico granite, fluted wall tile, green flooring, textured cabinetry, and terracotta breeze blocks.

This elegant bedroom oasis captures the essence of her design philosophy. It’s adorned with plush textiles, exquisite details, and muted tones, exuding beauty and tranquility. The way they framed the closets around the window seat makes the space look more open and efficient.

Her posts and designs highlight how functional spaces can be transformed into artful compositions that cater to both the eye and the daily needs of inhabitants. 

#3 Annika Hinds | @annikamarieee

With her whimsical eclecticism, Annika’s Instagram page brings a breath of fresh air to interior design. Fearlessly embracing vibrant colors, she shares numerous budget-friendly, doable DIYs and thrifty decor ideas that balance function and personality.

Her design prowess shines through in this lounge area which disproves the conception that small spaces limit design opportunities. With her mastery of color play, she utilized the window nook and made a renter-friendly daybed, added hammocks, and featured a variety of hues to radiate an energetic and joyful vibe.

We all know that mirrors make a room seem bigger and brighter and there’s a plethora of aesthetic mirrors on social media right now. Since they can be expensive and trends go in and out, Annika transformed her existing mirror using vinyl. This ingenious hack offers the best of both worlds—easy removal and a range of color options to suit individual preferences.

If you’re into youthful designs, rainbow-inspired hues, and magical interiors, you should definitely check out Annika’s Instagram and TikTok accounts.

#4 Charla Ray Interior Design | @charla_ray

Charla Ray Interior Design is a full-service, boutique interior design studio that presents timeless elegance with modern sensibilities. Their designs perfectly fuse classic elements with contemporary touches.

The rendering view of this kitchen shows how they enhance the flow in and out of the space by removing the peninsula. They incorporated a larger island which is great for hosting large family gatherings and to better appreciate the river frontage. Moreover, the white-washed brick and neutral tones made the area brighter and bigger.

Who would have thought that an office can be as detailed and cozy as this one? Grasscloth not only provides a better aesthetic but it can also absorb and soften sounds, making it easier to focus. The details and layers in this room add an additional visual intrigue, making the space not only functional but also stunning.

Their expertly crafted spaces show their commitment to comfort, aesthetics, and functionality—a trifecta that resonates with those seeking designs that stand the test of time while embracing the needs of contemporary living.

#5 Allison Smith | @allisonsmithdesign

Allison Smith, owner and designer of Allison Smith Design, has carved a niche for herself in the realm of functional living and cozy elegance. Her designs exude style, warmth, and comfort, creating spaces that evoke a genuine sense of home.

The interplay of the dark fireplace mantel against the creamy walls of this living room creates an inviting contrast and infuses a sense of modern sophistication. However, the whimsical touches of textiles and art add texture and layers of interest. The rug, with its refreshing and cheerful vibe, adds the ideal final touch to the composition.

Another living room designed by the studio demonstrates the harmonious fusion of colors, patterns, finishes, and textures. While this combination might seem overwhelming in theory, their design ability made it work seamlessly. They combined some classics with on-trend pieces like leather and rattan to achieve a truly unique result.

Allison Smith’s designs remind us that the balance and thoughtful curation of elements can transform our living spaces into havens of style and comfort. By exploring a rich variation of materials, colors, and textures, we can create interiors that reflect our personalities and capture the essence of what “home” truly means.

I hope you find inspiration in these brilliant design accounts on Instagram! Feel free to share your account recommendations – I’m always eager to explore and share the latest design gems with our community. Don’t forget to check out their stories for more design inspirations and recommendations.

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