The Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Portland

We love our dogs here in Portland! We don’t have the nation’s highest dog park per capita (a total of 33 in the city) for nothing. In this list, we are giving you the best off-leash parks where your dogs can have a great time running free, playing fetch, and meeting new friends! Whether you want a place by the water or an area under the trees, we’ve got you covered. 

The Fields Park

The Fields is one of the finest parks in Portland, and its 8,000 square foot off-leash dog space is the 33rd in Portland’s Park system. Surrounded by million-dollar condos as well as the view of the bridge and river, this place is an urban green scape downtown. Fur parents feel comfortable walking their dogs in the evening because the park remains well-lit even at night, so this place is perfect if you work a 9 to 5. (Or even if you’re just avoiding the sun, really!) If your babies happen to be “escape artists”, the pens are double-gated so they don’t stand a chance. The safety of your dogs is never a problem here. Visitors also commend this place for its well-maintained grounds. This park at 1099 NW Overton St. might just be the perfect play spot for you and your best mates!

Sellwood Riverfront Park

Sellwood Riverfront Park is perfect for the summer heat! If you want an elevated and refreshing experience with your pets, this is the place for you. It’s a great place to let your dogs run free on the 1.5-acre off-leash area, or enjoy peaceful shore walks along the river path. But really, people come here so their dogs can play in the water. And guess what? You can swim, too! It is definitely a whole different adventure that you would love to share with your pets. If your dogs are not fond of the water, there’s plenty of beach area to play fetch. Who knows, it might just be the perfect spot to get your pets acquainted with the river. This is an excellent place to relax and cool off especially with the astounding riverfront view. This park in 1221 SE Oaks Park Way is a hidden getaway from the city.

Chimney Park

Chimney Park in 9360 N Columbia Boulevard boasts its huge, off-leash dog area. Dog owners love it here because there is so much space for your dogs to run free, and even more space to calm down and recharge just to run again and again! The park is covered in tall trees that provide shade on its wonderful trail. People in Chimney Park also have a loving sense of community where owners actively help in socialization situations. Sharing toys with other pooches is a pretty normal thing here, and the free-roaming atmosphere allows dogs to cover lots of ground and interact with each other. Whether your pups like playing alone or in a group, there’s something for everyone here. Unlike other parks, people rave about Chimney’s rustic and natural feel. Expect a little bit of clean up afterward, but did your dogs really enjoy it if they’re not dirty?

Hillsdale City Park

If your dogs are well-trained, this is the place for your next playtime! Be in a community of well-behaved pups and friendly pet parents right in SW 27th Ave & Hillsdale Hwy. Since this is an unfenced area, owners here are more mindful of their dogs. They also encourage others to do the same for everyone’s safety. The enormous off-leash area is a perfect spot for your pups to play and exercise! Despite having no water in the area, community members bring gallons when they visit to share with everyone. Volunteers also take charge of cleaning the weeds and maintaining the space. Imagine being in a place where every single person cares about the community. That’s how tight-knit this place is. Owners love its three fenced areas and the sense of mutual respect among visitors.

Happy Valley Dog Park

This small neighborhood park in 13770 Southeast Ridgecrest Road lives up to its name, as people praise it for its kind and responsible dog owners. Happy Valley Dog Park features three dog pens — for small, large, and a mix of sizes. Tiny dogs can mingle with pups their size, but well-acquainted ones can join bigger ones in the mixed fence. Fur parents love this park for its cleanliness! Dog bags are also provided. They also have piped water in the fence so you don’t have to walk all the way back to the restrooms to get water. What’s not to love, right? After a guaranteed enjoyable time at the fenced spots, you may also take your dog on a walk (on-leash) in the beautiful boardwalk that flows through a nature trail. That’s more quality time for you both!

Not only are these places beautiful, but they also exist in lovely communities. I hope this gives you a perfect idea of where to take your pups next. There are so many fun places to visit, so go ahead and have a wonderful time!

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